Welcome to Handblessings website, my virtual home.

Spring a time of new beginnings, and in our case this year catching up on our website! We have lots of new stuff. The problem is some you may have seen before and some is brand new from Nashville 2015. Let's sort it out.

New from Nashville 2015…
Deer in the Winter Mist
Red Birds
Penguins of the Month our 2015 free promotion.

Two new ort boxes
Mountain Stream - Needlepoint
Lace Snowflake - Cross Stitch

Jumping Rope
Skate Board Rider

Bunny Silhouettes
Bunny Gives a Gift
Bunny Hangs a Christmas Stocking

Circle Ornaments
Elegant Oak Leaf and Acorn
Elegant Spring
Elegant Summer
Elegant Winter

Oldies but new on our website…
Halloween Silhouettes
Cat in the Moon
Haunted House in the Moon
Ooolee in the Moon
Pumpkins in the Moon

Bunny Silhouettes
Bunny Finds a Witches Shoe
Bunny Trick or Treats as a Ghost
Bunny Trick or Treats as a Witch

Puddle Dance

Faces Silhouette
Boy with Dandelion
Girl with Dandelion
Not So Wicked Witch

Circle Ornaments
Hope and Love
Faith and Joy
Cardinal Greets a Bunny

Quilt Pattern
Thanksgiving Quilt

Needlepoint Patterns
Spring Delight Ort Box
Autumn Wheat with Blackwork
Rhapsody in Blue with Blackwork
WILDflowers Pocket

Now you know their names go to see what they look like! Enjoy browsing. I'm sure you will find some you would love to stitch!

Wishing lots of great stitching time!


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