What a wonderful blessing
The peaceful time, the quiet hours.
The rhythm of the stitching that soothes the troubled mind.
The colors and designs that bring joy to the heart.
The feeling of cloth and thread that delight the hands.
A true blessing to the mind and heart and hands.

Like you I love stitching. I find it soothing and at the same time exciting. Sometimes it is challenging but it always gives me great joy.

I also have a passion for design. In my job as Dir. of Liturgy I used that passion a lot. I have designed vestments, altar linens, banners, seasonal & special celebrations environment. I even designed a 15-foot stain glass window along with the smaller matching ones. There were two baptismal fonts, one mosaic and another in marble. My background also includes sculpture, mostly in clay though I have worked in wood & alabaster. I have even done restoration work.

My husband, Ron, who is my right hand man & best friend, and I live together with our six kitties on a lake in Oakwood Hills, Ill. My two children are grown. My son takes after his dad and is an engineer and my daughter takes after me, she is a free lance artist.

After I retired from church work, (though one can never really retire from that): I decided to combine my love of stitching with my passion for design and, behold, Handblessings was born. I love this name but when I tried to write out why I chose it and what it means I found myself writing volumes. So I turned to poetry and that said it all. That is why all my patterns have my poem “What a Wonderful Blessing” on them. (The poem is charted so you can stitch it.)

I have been stitching since I was 5 years old, in fact I still have one of my first pieces. With this long history of stitching I have some definite ideas of how I want to make my patterns. Easy to follow good directions are very important. Attractive quality patterns was also high on my list. And I wanted to make my patterns personal, after all you and I have something in common, we both like the pattern you are stitching. I hope that Handblessings patterns will give you many happy hours of stitching. And when you are finished with your Handblessings creation proudly display it in your home or give it to a friend.

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