Hooked on Orange and Black

I love Halloween! I love stitching and decorating for it. I get all excited when I see the Halloween colors of orange and black. It is a fun holiday but it is also a day rich with meaning and depth. For a Christian the Eve of the Feast of All Saints Day, All Hallows Eve, celebrates the fact that Christ conquered both death & the devil. That is why children dress as devils and ghosts to show that there is nothing to fear from them. The Mexican people honor their dead family members on that day. They make skull-shaped cookies to confirm their belief in an afterlife. Besides all this, I just plain love this fun fall holiday of candy, dress-up and decorating. Happy Stitching, Eileen

Stitch Count
135 x 84

Suggested Fabric
28 Count Wood Violet, Jobelan

Threads Used
Sullivans, Anchor, DMC

Three Charms included

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