Halloween Designs

Witch Kitty Biscornu

Pumpkins The Boo Team

Haunted Acorn Birdhouse

Not So Wicked Witch

Pumpkin Faces Excited

Pumpkin faces Happy

Pumpkin Faces Sad

Pumpkin Faces The Look

Halloween Quilt

Trick or Treat

Halloween Cardinal

Happy Pumpkin Time

Halloween Web Ort Box Cover

Hooked on Halloween

Hooked on Orange and Black

Needlepoint Halloween Candy Corn Puff

Halloween Library Cat

Holiday Stamp Halloween Two Cent

Holiday Stamp Halloween Three Cent

Black Cat with Pumpkins


Haunted House

Bat's Night Out

Witch's Night Out

Boo Lighthouse

Haunted Tree Quilt

Owl in a Haunted Tree

Pumpkin with Witch's Hat

Halloween Silhouette Ghost

Halloween Silhouette Haunted House

Halloween Silhouette Owls

Halloween Silhouette Pumpkin, Cat and Crow

Halloween Silhouette Pumpkin with Cornstalk

Halloween Silhouette Witch

Spring Silhouette Bunny Alleluia

Spring Silhouette Bunny And The Flowers

Spring Silhouette Bunny Finds an Easter Egg

Spring Silhouette Bunny Love

Spring Silhouette Bunny Meets a Butterfly

Spring Silhouette Bunny Meets a Chick

Spring Silhouette Bunny Meets A Turtle

Fall Silhouette Bunny Meets A Scared Jack-0-Lantern

Fall Silhouette Bunny Talks To A Happy Jack-O-Lantern

Halloween Silhouette Bewitching Hour

Halloween Silhouette Scary Cat

Halloween Silhouette Scary Night

Halloween Silhouette Witches' Pets

Ooolee on Jack-O-Lantern

Ooolee Under Withches Hat

Ooolee On Witches Shoe

Scary Night 2

Ooolee Catches An Acorn

Bunny Finds A Witches Shoe

Bunny Trick or Treat Ghost

Bunny Trick or Treat Witch

Cat In The Moon

Haunted House In The Moon

Ooolee In The Moon

Pumpkins In The Moon

Scary Night 3 Through The Window

Scary Night 4 Under The Streetlight

Scary Night 5 Meeting The Witch

Halloween Moon

Little Kid In The Moon

Scary Night 6 Watching The Witch

Scary Night 7 Pumpkins On Parade

Thanksgiving Pumpkin

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