New Patterns!

Plaid Pear Ornament

Hope and Love

Faith and Joy

Cutest Ugly Holiday Sweaters Of The Month

Girl With Red Bird

Horse and Child

This Is The Day

MORE Gingerbread People of the Month 12 Charm Packet

Cutest Ugly Holiday Sweaters of the Month 12 Charm Packet

Fox Adventure In Embellishment - Needlepoint

Hearts In Red and Black and Gray - Needlepoint

Red Tulip - Needlepoint

Smyrna Snowflake Ornament - Needlepoint

Together We Stand - Needlepoint

Halloween Library Cat

Christmas Library Kitten

Tabby Library Cat

Weathervane Quilt

Holiday Stamp Lighthouse Stamp One Cent

Bunny Meets A Fox - Woodland Critters

Bunny Meets An Owl - Woodland Critters

Bunny Meets A Raccoon - Woodland Critters

Bunny Meets A Squirrel - Woodland Critters

Football Player

Little Kid In The Moon

Scary Night 6 Watching The Witch

Scary Night 7 Pumpkins On Parade

Carolers Silhouette

Christmas Fox - Woodland Christmas

Christmas Owl - Woodland Christmas

Christmas Reindeer - Woodland Christmas

Christmas Squirrel - Woodland Christmas

Cardinal Walk - Winter Silhouette

Skaters In The Moonlight - Winter Silhouette

Snowmam Makes A Friend - Winter Silhouette

Walk To The Mailbox - Winter Silhouette

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