New Patterns!

Deer In Winter Mist

Red Birds

Penguin Of The Month 12 Charm Packet

Penguins Of The Month

Autumn Wheat Needlepoint with Blackwork

Rhapsody In Blue Needlepoint with Blackwork

WILDflowers Pocket

Spring Delight Ort Box

Mountain Stream Ort Box

Lace Snowflake Ort Box Cross Stitch

Thanksgiving Quilt

Bunny Finds A Witches Shoe

Bunny Trick or Treat Ghost

Bunny Trick or Treat Witch

Puddle Dancer

Cat In The Moon

Haunted House In The Moon

Ooolee In The Moon

Pumpkins In The Moon

Jumping Rope

Skate Board Rider

Bunny Gives A Gift

Bunny Hangs Christmas Stocking

Boy With Dandelion

Girl With Dandelion

Not So Wicked Witch

Hope and Love

Faith and Joy

Cardinal Greets Bunny

Elegant Oak Leaf and Acorn

Elegant Spring

Elegant Summer

Elegant Winter

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