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I think of this page as my General Store. There are all kinds of goodies to be found here. We have lots of sayings from profound to humorous. There are designs from sophisticated to juvenile. Come in and shop around. I hope you find just what you are looking for.

Hooked On
Several years ago I saw a comic strip where the main character said he was hooked on fall. I thought, "that's me". I love fall. That got me thinking about what other things my friends and I are hooked on. That was the beginning of the very popular Hooked on series. The Hooked ons are a lot of fun to design and I keep adding to them. Check back often to see what's new. Look around and see if you find something you or a friend are hooked on.

Needlepoint Corner
We are pleased to introduce Handblessings' new line of Mini Needlepoint Quilts. Each quilt has 3 to 6 specialty stitches that are clearly explained and diagramed making them excellent teaching pieces. The experienced stitcher will enjoy the fact that Mini Needlepoint Quilts are small and easy to bring along yet they have many different stitches.

Quilt Cupboard
There is nothing like a quilt. They are folk art and at the same time modern geometric designs. They mean home and comfort. They have a warmth about them that appeals to the soul as well as the body. Our new line of Handblessings quilts captures that feel. I'm sure you will find a lot of places to hang the quilt designs found in our quilt cupboard. They are fun to stitch, you wouldn't be able to just do one.

Something Special on Black
Black is the ultimate background. It brings colors to life like nothing else can. The Something Special on Black patterns have several things in common. All have the same beaded lace framework, all have white, Jade green and Christmas green in the design (plus other colors) and all fit perfectly in a 5 x 5 inch frame which allows you to create wonderful groupings. Several Something Special on Black flowers done on a bell pull would look stunning don't you think? Yet they are very capable of standing on their own. Give these little gems a try.

We started the TAG patterns several years ago & they were an instant success with good reason. Each one comes with an adorable little charm. They stitch up quickly and are seasonal; Summer, Patriotic, Fall, Halloween, Christmas and Winter. Finishing a TAG is almost as much fun as stitching it; many patterns come with directions for finishing. They make great little pictures, ornaments and door knob fobs. They would make a great little wall hanging quilt.
But our cute little Tags had some downs sides: the string they hang from could get tangled. The charms which are put on with sticky dots have been known to fall off. So we've changed them just a bit. They still are folded like Tags but are put in a long narrow plastic bags. Now you can see the charms at a glance in the bag. I think you will find these changes very helpful.

Complimentary Patterns
Free Handblessings patterns are available from your local stitch shop. Ask for them. For a listing of shops that carry Handblessings Patterns go to our Store Locations page.

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